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Cobi’s review image

LA Review


Cobi’s on Main Street in Santa Monica is a maximalist, lively spot where excellent curries and curry puffs are on every table.

Singapore’s Banana Leaf review image

LA Review

Singapore’s Banana Leaf

Singapore’s Banana Leaf is our favorite vendor at The Original Farmer’s Market.

Ramayani review image

LA Review


One of the oldest Indonesian restaurants in LA, Ramayani is a Westwood staple with a huge menu that’s both overwhelming and delicious.

Kasih review image

LA Review


Kasih is an Indonesian restaurant in Little Tokyo that works well for a nice casual dinner you don’t have to plan in advance.

Sama Sama Kitchen review image

LA Review

Sama Sama Kitchen

Sama Sama is a modern Indonesian spot in Santa Barbara, different from anything else you'll find in town.

Medan Kitchen review image

LA Review

Medan Kitchen

Medan Kitchen is a great, affordable Indonesian spot in Rosemead. Get something that comes wrapped in a banana leaf.