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Sara Lieberman is a New York-born, Paris-based travel and lifestyle journalist whose work appears in the New York Times, the Washington Post, AFAR, Condé Nast Traveler, Hemispheres, and more. When she’s not eating, thinking about eating, or helping others eat via her pop-up street food biz Cup o’ Cockles, she's practicing yoga and planning an escape someplace new.

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Early June review image

PAR Review

Early June

Early June is a wine bar in the 10th Arr. that hosts exciting rotating pop-ups.

La Plume review image

PAR Review

La Plume

French and Japanese spot La Plume is located in the Madame Rêve hotel, and the dining room will make you feel like you're in New York.

Cafe De Luce review image

PAR Review

Cafe De Luce

Cafe De Luce in the 18th Arr. is your ideal Parisian corner cafe.

Delicatessen Place review image

PAR Review

Delicatessen Place

Delicatessen Place is a wine bar serving buffet-style bites and natural French bottles in the 11th.

Le 18 review image

PAR Review

Le 18

Le 18 is a wine bar in the 11th where you can see live jazz on Wednesdays.

Érétyk review image

PAR Review


Érétyk is wine-sake-vermouth bar in the 11th.

Bambino review image

PAR Review


Bambino, located in the 11th Arr., is a lively wine bar with fantastic bar food.