Tango Sur

Chicago is a steakhouse town. We’ve got a lot of them. You say steakhouse, and the first few that come to our mind are the traditional powerhouses of Gibsons, Chicago Cut, or the new spots like Maple & Ash and RPM Steak. And while we all love a good night out at any of these restaurants, we don’t all have the endless cash supply to experience them on a weekly basis. And if you’re the kind of person that constantly has the sad dilemma of wanting a juicy steak while still trying to maintain a bank account in the black, Tango Sur in Lakeview is a need-to-know spot.

Tango Sur is an Argentinian steakhouse, and you come here for juicy grilled meat at affordable prices. How affordable? For the most part, we’re talking large portions of NY strips, sirloins, and filets, all for less than $30. That’s substantially cheaper than most upscale Chicago steakhouses, and just as delicious.

As if the steaks weren’t reasonably priced enough, it’s also BYOB. The dining room is dark, usually crowded, and loud enough where you shouldn't expect to engage in deep conversation. Come with your friends, load up on the red wine beforehand, and bring your appetite.

Food Rundown


Get yourself a few for the table to share. All of them are good, so take your pick of chicken, beef, ham and cheese, or spinach and cheese.


Grilled provolone with a little olive oil and roasted pepper, served on top of bread. This is delicious.

El Filet

Filet mignon cooked on the grill, topped with a red onion wine sauce, and spinach mashed potatoes on the side. We are fans of filet mignon, so we are taking it upon ourselves to let you know. The spinach mashed potatoes are a nice touch.

Pork Chop

A 12 oz. pork chop topped with shitake mushrooms, marsala wine sauce, and potatoes. It’s a very mushroom-heavy dish, so keep that in mind.

Para Uno/Para Dos

The para uno is grilled short ribs, sausage, beef sweetbread, and black sausage, while the para dos is a little bit more of everything plus some flap meat too. It’s a nice sampler plate.

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