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If you read On The Origin of Species: Pizza Edition, deep-dish might seem like a horrible evolutionary mistake that would make Darwin roll in his grave. It’s polarizing - people either love it or hate it, and it’s frequently hated by people who’ve never even eaten it.

So when we’re asked (which is often) to make a deep-dish recommendation, Pequod’s in Lincoln Park is always the first place we suggest. Their pan-style pizza is so delicious that it’ll make a deep dish truther out of anyone.

You probably already know why Pequod’s is f*cking special. But for visitors or any Chicagoans who are (rightfully) too ashamed to admit they’ve never tried it, we’ll tell you - it’s the caramelized edge. That delicious ring of burnt cheese surrounding the pie, combined with the thick airy crust and perfectly spicy tomato sauce, is what makes Pequod’s something you need to eat before you die. We mean this: it’s Make-A-Wish pizza.

Pequod’s Pizza review image

So why isn’t Pequods a 10.0? Here’s the thing - in order to get the full benefit of the delicious caramelization, you need to eat it directly out of a pan that looks like it was forged in the Great Chicago Fire. This means going to the loud, crowded sports bar in Lincoln Park that doesn’t take reservations and often has multi-hour waits. And if you have it delivered, or get it to-go, it won’t be the same. The cheesy crust gets soft, and the bottom of the pie can get soggy. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. There’s also the original location in Morton Grove (the smaller Pequod’s that crawled out of the primordial ooze), but it’s even busier.

And as far as the rest of the menu? Ignore it. You’re here for one thing: the deep dish. Don’t waste your time on the unmemorable pastas, forgettable salads, or boring sandwiches. And please just disregard the thin-crust pizzas - it’s an unfortunate mutation you need to ignore. That aberration aside, this city’s pizza landscape continues to evolve in exciting ways. In fact, the Chicago Department of Pizza Style and Regulation recently approved Pilsen-style. Obviously we’re not afraid of change, and why should we be? We created Pequod’s.

Food Rundown

Pepperoni Pizza

The perfect Pequod’s pizza: a sea of slightly charred pepperoni up against the caramelized crust. There is nothing better than a hot slice of this straight from the pan.

Pequod’s Pizza review image

Sausage, Pepper And Onion Pizza

This is a close second. Always get pepperoni, but if you’re in the market for a change (or want some variety), this is your order.

Pequod’s Pizza review image

Personal Pan Pizza

If you come here by yourself, sitting alone with a whole pan pizza might be a commitment you’re not ready to make. Don’t worry - for $4.95 you can get a seven-inch pie that’s baked in its very own little pan. And kind of like how the Reese’s Easter Egg-shaped cups have the ideal chocolate-to-peanut butter ratio, the miniature pies have a fantastic amount of caramelized crust. It’s an adaptation Darwin would be proud of.

Pequod’s Pizza review image

Everything Else Besides Deep Dish

We warned you, don’t bother. Make room for more pizza.

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