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Spacca Napoli


Go big or go home, so brace yourself for this next statement. Spacca Napoli is arguably the best pizza in town. OK there, we said it, and even though we managed to slightly cop out by throwing in a qualifier, nobody would think less of you if Spacca Napoli is, in fact, your favorite pizza around.  In a city dominated by deep dish, there have been a lot of new pizza joints popping up around town. But here's the thing, Spacca Napoli is making Neapolitan pizzas as good as anybody, and dare we say that includes Italy itself. The restaurant's motto says it all, "Pizza Faithful to the Authentic Neapolitan Style," and they aren't kidding.

Tucked away in Ravenswood on quaint Sunnyside Ave., it's a real neighborhood type spot. It's also located just off the Montrose brown line, which makes for a rather accessible destination no matter where you live. Everything about Spacca Napoli emits thoughts of pizza in Italy, from the decor, brick walls, and wood-burning oven, to a dough mixer they claim comes from the mother country as well. They also give you a free cannoli on the way out, so it's safe to say Spacca Napoli thought this thing through. Even with the homely Italian feel, large windows throughout make way for a lot of natural light, which add a lively touch of modern vibe. For an even greater lively feeling, you can hit up the small outdoor patio in the summer months. Feel free to ask questions too, because the staff is great, and that includes being knowledgeable on regular menu items, specials, ingredients, and wine.

Your mind may be telling you that you’re cheating on deep dish, but your taste buds will feel oh so right.

Food Rundown


It's a special and not always available but it's an absolute must when it is. Creamy, smooth, and sprinkled with a little olive oil and salt, we've been told mid week is your best bet.

Prosciutto e Bufala

A giant ball of buffalo mozzarella with a prosciutto bow on top. We prefer the burrata if available, but you can’t really argue with an edible meat bow.

Spacca Napoli review image

Insalta di Mare

Poached calamari, cuttlefish, shrimp, celery, and kalamata olives. Coated with a little lemon and olive oil, the seafood is fresh and the celery adds a nice textural contrast.

Spacca Napoli review image

Salsiccia Pizza

Traditional red sauce pizza with mozzarella, basil, and Italian sausage. The sausage is as light and fluffy as the cold side of the pillow, which easily makes this our go to pizza choice.

Spacca Napoli review image

Salsicchia con Funghi Pizza

Same as above, but add on some fresh mushrooms.

Porcini e Carciofi

If you want a white pizza in the mix, give the porcini e carciofi a try. Buffalo mozzarella with porcini mushrooms, artichokes, parmesan and EVOO.

Bufalina Pizza

Another red sauce pizza with basil, buffalo mozzarella, and olive oil. Simple, which really lets the quality of the ingredients shine.

Spacca Napoli review image


We eat dessert so we can review it for you the people, and…ok that’s a lie, our dessert eating habits are purely selfish, and this tiramisu is really good. It’s creamy and flavorful without being too dense.

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