Ever joined Chicago’s endless parade of renowned tasting menu spots in 2020. And like Alinea, Esme, and Oriole, this fancy West Loop spot is expensive and hard to get into. The $325 10-course tasting ranges from “How did they do that?” to “Oh look, a foam.”  You’ll find dishes like shaved and frozen Hamachi, and a bunch of other things that are plated with tweezerly love. 

The quiet restaurant is the epitome of formal, with synchronized servers delivering each dish and tables spaced far apart so you don’t have to hear other diners discussing their wagyu. The food is excellent, and you’ll be treated in the way you expect during a meal that costs as much (or more) than a car payment. If you’re looking for a (very) special occasion spot and have the cash and three hours to spend on a fine dining experience, book a table with confidence.

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