Chicken & Farm Shop

We had ridiculous thoughts of what Soho House would be like when it first opened in Chicago. We half expected a mix of James Bond having daily tea time, because English people, and Zoolander style walk-offs, because creative types and Billy Zane is a cool dude.

Luckily, those premonitions were wrong, and Soho House Chicago is actually a friendly place. That’s in large part due to the fact it’s not only a private club, but a great space with restaurants open to the general public. One of those restaurants is Chicken & Farm Shop, which offers a simple and well executed menu alongside the general coolness and pizazz that Soho is known for.

Located on the south end of the building, Chicken & Farm Shop specializes in one thing - chicken. And the rotisserie chicken is a strong move any time of day, especially when you pair it with some classic sides like crinkle cut fries, coleslaw, and mac & cheese. Of course, there’s an absurd fried chicken sandwich, plus their diner style burger to mix things up a bit.

Hit it for lunch when you want to keep things casual but also sit down and get served, or hit it for dinner when you’re looking for a similar feel. Chicken & Farm Shop is a "let's go sit somewhere and eat without a whole ordeal" problem solver. The service will be attentive, the room is cool, and Soho recently carved out a piece of the restaurant, called Fox Bar, which is ideal for continuing a low-key night over more cocktails and some extra snacks.

Martini. Shaken not stirred. Drink a few of those and then talk with an English accent for that extra and Soho feel.

Food Rundown

Cornbread & Biscuits

Cornbread and biscuits just feels right along with some grilled and especially fried chicken. We’re into it.

Chicken & Farm Shop review image


A creamy base, but not overly creamy. The mix still maintains a great crunch, and this is our go-to side. It’s also large enough to split for two if you’d like.

Collard Greens

The move if you're trying to be healthy. It's really more like sautéed spinach than Southern style collard greens.

Crinkle Cut Fries

French fries. Perhaps you’re familiar with them?

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Free Range Chicken

Options of quarter, half, or whole rotisserie chicken ($8, $14,$22). Solid rotisserie chicken any time of day. The quarter and a side makes for a reasonable and healthy lunch.

Chicken & Farm Shop review image

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Holy Long John Silver, Batman. This fried chicken sandwich is a monstrosity. A delicious monstrosity served between buttery toast with lettuce, pickles, peppers, and an avocado mayo spread. You’re going to like, and then probably take half of it home still.

Chicken & Farm Shop review image

Dirty Burger

The Dirty Burger is something reminiscent of a 50’s style diner with mustard, mayo, lettuce, cheese, tomato, and pickle, plus paper wrapping adds to the diner feel. Note that the picture is a double, so the regular single isn't the type of decadent burger that induces a nap - you can eat one for lunch and still go about your day.