25 Degrees

Everyone is always looking for the best burger around. Lately, we feel like if we aren’t on the search for the perfect burger, we are getting chastised for wanting to order one at all. But we are here to take a stand, and encourage you to do the same. Sometimes, you don’t need that absurdly decadent, over the top burger that many feel is the best in town (See: Au Cheval). Sometimes, you don’t want a slider or quick eats joint that gets you in and out. Sometimes, you just want a solid spot that serves good burgers and beer, and does so in a casual manner. And all of the time, that sometimes place can be 25 Degrees.

If that doesn’t make any sense, the point is that 25 Degrees can be your old faithful, a reliable place to grab a burger when you’re in need. The best part of the menu is that aside from a couple set items, it’s mainly a build your own burger kind of a place. You have your choice of ground sirloin, turkey, or veggie patties. And while we don’t have any first-hand experience, our anti- red meat acquaintances stand by the veggie burgers here. The add-ons are also plentiful, with extra toppings for $1 each, cheese for $2, and sauce for $1. Get excited because your options range from caramelized onions, roasted red pepper, and jalapeño bacon, to goat cheese and pesto sauce.

We like to think of 25 Degrees as a bar that serves quality burgers, as opposed to a restaurant trying to disguise itself as a bar. You can sit at one of the few booths along the edge, snag a high top, or take a seat at the island bar where the bartenders will happily take your food order too. In the winter, it gives off that hibernation feel with dark colors and little in the way of light, which is fine by us when we’re bundled up and looking for a bite and a beer.

Food Rundown

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Craft Your Own Burger

Unless a particular item on the menu catches your eye, building your own burger is the way to go. We like the ground sirloin, medium rare, with caramelized onions, apple wood smoked bacon, Hooks four-year cheddar, and a side of horseradish cream. We emphatically recommend the Hooks cheddar.

Yellowfin Tuna Burger (Number Four)

A yellowfin tuna patty, cooked rare, with arugula, crispy fried onions, and spicy aioli. Surprisingly pretty good at this kind of a place.

Veggie Burgers

We’ve never had one, but we trust the people who stand by them. Try it if the meatless lifestyle is the way you choose to live.

French Fries or Sweet Potato Fries

Both pretty standard, but good.

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Onion Rings

We don’t even love onion rings, but these are great. Huge pieces, tasty batter, and not over-fried. These are some onion rings worth trying.

Roasted Beet Salad

Baby arugula, burrata, beets, and a citrus vinaigrette. We wouldn’t make a meal out of it, but may make you feel better to get with a burger instead of a pile of fries.

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