Bar Siena

Bar Siena is the casual yet trendy Italian restaurant in the West Loop from the team behind Siena Tavern. It’s a lively place focused on small plates, which makes it a great place to come in small or large groups when you want to go somewhere fun. While Bar Siena serves solid food, a trip here is really more about the atmosphere as a whole. It’s a great spot to visit before going out in the neighborhood, a boozy brunch, or even a date when you need some background noise to break the ice.

If you’re familiar with Siena Tavern in River North, think of Bar Siena as it’s younger, cooler, not quite as pricey little cousin. You can post up on the first floor which is highlighted by a large square bar, or head upstairs to a table in the more expansive dining area, which is ideal if you have a bigger group.

The food has a heavy emphasis on pizza and pasta, and a mix of the two should be the focus of your meal. Pizza is so important to the Bar Siena crew that they have a custom-made pizza oven from Italy nicknamed Bella, which is kind of the restaurant equivalent of 16 year olds naming their cars. We’re into Bella though, because the pizzas she’s firing out will serve you right.

Food Rundown

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Burrata Wedge

A good hunk of burrata, cherry tomatoes, coppa, and pickled red onion over a lettuce bed. Solid burrata. Order at will.

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Medjool Date and Escarole Salad

Escarole, walnuts, pecorino cheese, and dates for a bit of sweetness. Another good salad to start.

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Burrata Stuffed Agnolotti

Burrata stuffed agnolotti noodles with lobster and tomato. We like it, although it’s not quite the deep love affair we envisioned.

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Short Rib Lasagna

This lasagna will weigh you down. Layered pasta with short ribs, taleggio, roasted garlic, and bechamel. It’s good but also really rich, so definitely something you want to split.

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Spicy Coppa Pizza

Generous amounts of coppa, smoked mozzarella, pecorino cheese, and oregano. This is our favorite red sauce pizza with meat.

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Fireball Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza. Standard, but good. We would opt for the spicy coppa over the pepperoni if the choice is one or the other.

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Prosciutto Fig Pizza

A great white pizza that’s different and interesting. Spiced pistachio, tallegio cheese, prosciutto, figs, and a drizzle of honey. The salty and sweet combo from the prosciutto and fig and honey is where it’s at. We are really into this pizza.

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