3 Greens Market

Remember Power Rangers? Even if you weren’t a fan, they were impossible to escape. Kids played Power Rangers on the playground, dressed up as Power Rangers on Halloween, and, in the case of America’s male youth, fell in love for the first time with the Pink Power Ranger. Each Power Ranger had their own special weapon - a zord - and they could combine zords to create a “Megazord,” a transformer-like super robot of sorts. 3 Greens Market is the Megazord of Brendan Sodikoff restaurants.

3 Greens, the former Dillman’s and Cocello space, is distinctly split into two separate parts. To your left is a cafeteria style setting with many food options: you can grab Small Cheval burgers, Dillman’s pastrami sandwiches, or hit up the hot and cold salad bar. The salad bar is like what you’ll find at Whole Foods, but better, partially because Green Street Smoked Meats are available. The cafeteria alone would make for a great place to grab a carry-out meal or sit for a quick bite, but there’s a lot more to 3 Greens.

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photo credit: Christian Ford

To the right is a coffee shop area - similar to the group’s C.C. Ferns in Humboldt Park - serving lattes by morning, alcoholic drinks by night (or day, your choice), and Doughnut Vault donuts. Settle in on one of the comfy couches to do some work, or skip the work and hit the board games and ping pong table. Still bored? Check out the putting green, or take a seat on the couches in front of a TV and make 3 Green’s your own personal living room. If at any point you’re hungry, feel free to order a burger and eat it on the couch.

All of these elements together sound totally crazy, but the remarkable part is how well it all works. It’s like a college dorm or fraternity house, with access to a living area, buffet, coffee, booze, and games all in one place.

Then again, we should have known everything at 3 Greens would mesh so well - when you put the Megazord together, a few quality pieces can join forces to save the world.

Food Rundown

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Small Cheval Burger

Ever been to Small Cheval? They’re recreating it at 3 Greens literally the same way. A great burger and fries.

Dillman’s Pastrami Sandwich

Thinly sliced and grilled pastrami on rye. This isn’t the type of triple decker pastrami sandwich you’ll get at a traditional deli, but it’s more than enough food. The bread is a little flimsy in managing to hold things together, but that’s more so a fact than a complaint. Things get a little sloppy, but it’s a good sandwich. Put mustard on it.

3 Greens Market review image

Cold Salad Bar

A great healthy option for the neighborhood if you’re looking to grab a salad to take home or quickly eat there. For a $9.95/lb serve yourself salad bar, it’s pretty great. Choices change, but feel free to try it all. We love the cold salmon over a salad.

Hot Salad Bar

It’s hard work keeping a buffet style hot bar constantly fresh and stocked, but 3 Greens Market does as good a job you can expect. Just like the cold bar, feel free to give anything a try, and keep an eye out for smoked meats from Green Street.

Pastrami Burger

Dillman’s pastrami on the Small Cheval burger. Of course that’s an option.

Donuts & Pastries

Doughnut Vault donuts? You betcha’. The various other pastries are good to pair with a cup of coffee any time of day.