The Allis

Soho House - the mecca for Chicago’s elite creatives, complete with hotel, gym, pool, and restaurants. The Allis - Soho House’s first floor restaurant and overall consolation prize for the peasants who can’t get past Soho House’s pearly gates. Fortunately, it’s really good.

We didn’t know quite what to expect the first time we walked into The Allis. Would we have to immediately publicize our status upon entering? Would they sniff out our lack of belonging like a bloodhound? Surprisingly, no, and it's quite the opposite. The staff is immediately welcoming, and Soho House is a warm and comfortable place.

The space feels incredibly chic without even trying. Enormous chandeliers dripping with crystals dangle above charmingly mismatched chairs. It’s luxe, but with a “we woke up like this” feel. This upscale yet homey environment gives a special charm to a place that’s ideal for getting work done on a Tuesday afternoon. Set up shop and settle in on a sofa, plush chair, or large shared dining table.

The concise breakfast and lunch menus offer fresh sandwiches, salads, and snacks that are the perfect accompaniment for your solo dining. Service is pretty slow, but in a methodical way, and you won’t care since this is a place you’re looking for an excuse to hang around for a few hours.

On weekend nights, things go from quiet coffee shop mentality to sceney, loud cocktail lounge. It's a solid spot to pop in for a drink, but we prefer to make this our weekday hang. Because for one brief moment, you’re not a banker, lawyer, or some other Soho House outcast. Instead, you'll sit there feeling like you belong. And if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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