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Where To Eat And Drink In Wrigleyville

Wrigleyville can either be your best friend or your worst nightmare, and that's especially true now that the Cubs are a real baseball team. It's easy to get sucked into the absurdity that goes on near Wrigley Field, but it doesn’t have to be so extreme. They key is knowing which places are Cancun Spring Break and where you can hang out with some food and drinks.

We're not going to pretend like you're going to find Michelin Stars in Wrigley, but the places in this guide will give you exactly what you're looking for when baseball and day drinking are on your mind. Want a classy dining experience? Head further downtown. Here's where to eat and drink in Wrigleyville.

The Restaurants


Lucky's Sandwich Co.

3472 N. Clark St.

We love a good stop at Lucky’s any time we're in the Wrigley area. They have thick-cut, soft white bread that’s stuffed with your choice of meats, cheeses, and french fries. Yes, french fries in the sandwich. The novelty may have worn off, but it’s still so good.


Dimo's Pizza

3463 N Clark St

Dimo’s is probably best known for their macaroni and cheese pizza. And if that’s not something you knew about, sounds like your food decision while in Wrigley was just made for you. Don’t forget a slice of s’mores pizza for dessert



3461 N. Clark St.

If you need a quick bite but don’t want to go over the top with hot dogs, pizza, or Italian beefs, then Zam Zam is a worthwhile pit stop. They serve respectable chicken shawarma and falafel sandwiches only a short walk from Wrigley Field, and this way you can feel better about yourself tomorrow.


Cozy Noodles & Rice

3456 N. Sheffield Ave.

What's that place with all the goofy sh*t on the walls? She-Nannigans? Are we talking about She-Nannigans? Na, just Cozy Noodles & Rice, the neighborhood Thai favorite with all sorts of toys and decorations. Get any of the noodles or curry dishes and you'll be good to go, either in the restaurant or back at home on your couch.


Murphy's Red Hots

1211 W. Belmont Ave.

Murphy’s is one of those old-school Chicago hot dog spots like you always hear about, and they’ve been doing things the same for a long time. Murphy’s is a little further away from Wrigley at Racine and Belmont, but it’s close enough to be worth knowing about. Cap off a visit to a classic stadium with a classic meal.


Rockit Burger Bar

3700 N Clark St

The burger options at Rockit are seemingly endless. You can get anything from a truffle mushroom burger, to a burger topped with breaded and stuffed jalapeños, to the Rockit burger with wagyu beef, brie, and date aioli. If you can't find a burger here you that like, there's something wrong with you.


Al's #1 Italian Beef

3420 N. Clark St.

Here’s the thing - when you can get yourself some Al’s only a few blocks away from the stadium, it’s tough not to. Yes, it's one of the franchised stores, but not much sounds better than an Italian beef with giardiniera or a Chicago dog dragged through the garden during a day of baseball and fun.


Sheffield's Beer & Wine Garden

3258 N. Sheffield Ave.

Sheffield's Beer and Wine Garden has everything that makes Chicago great when it's nice outside all in one place: basic beer, craft beer, solid barbecue food, and an excellent outdoor area in Wrigleyville to take full advantage of summer. Make sure to do just that before we're all freezing our asses off again.


TAC Quick

3930 N Sheridan Rd

The best way to counteract all of those Old Styles you're probably drinking in Wrigleyville is to balance it out with Northern Thai food from TAC Quick. Life is all about balance, so if you overdo it on the beer, overdo it on the Thai too. That's how balance is achieved.


Puesto Sandwich Stand

3349 N Sheffield Ave

Want something a little different? Head down Sheffield just south of Clark to Puesto, the cute little cafe and Latin American sandwich shop. The Venezuelan style arepas are where it's at, and you can get either savory versions with meat or sweet ones packed with Nutella.

The Bars


Sluggers is our go-to choice after a Cubs’ game, and it’s a jack of all trades for continuing the good times. Keep drinking at the bar on the main floor, or head upstairs to the batting cages/arcade games/dueling piano bar. Definitely make fun of your friends who are uncoordinated and can’t swing a bat.


Deuces and The Diamond Club

3505 N. Clark St.

Deuces and Diamond isn’t quite Paris Club, but it’s the closest thing you’ll find in Wrigley. It’s huge, with two floors and a great patio. Be real fancy and take the escalator upstairs, especially when you’re having trouble using your own two feet.


The Cubby Bear

1059 W. Addison St.

The Cubby Bear is the Mecca of Wrigley on game day. It’s directly across the street from the stadium and attracts a huge crowd. Live music makes it a lively spot if that's the kind of thing you're looking for.


Guthrie's Tavern

1300 W. Addison St.

Not for baseball fans. In fact, Guthrie's is for people looking to get away from the baseball and Old Style. They have some of the friendliest staff around, and there’s plenty of board games to step up the entertainment factor without any baseball on TV.


Murphy's Bleachers

3655 N. Sheffield Ave.

It’s 75 and sunny. Friday afternoon game day and you skipped work. Arietta is on the mound. Pregame beers at Murphy’s Bleachers just outside of right field is always the move.


Vines on Clark

3554 N. Clark St.

Vines has one of the largest and best patios in the neighborhood and it stares directly at Wrigley Field. It’s ideal for eating, drinking, thinking about going inside to the game, and then continuing to drink on the patio without ever going inside to the game.


Toon's Bar & Grill

3857 N. Southport Ave.

You can pop into Toon's no matter the day of the week. It’s a few blocks Northeast away from Wrigley, so it shouldn’t get the crazy overflow. It's ideal for hanging and a quick bite of solid bar food - keep an eye out for their summer crawfish boils.


Nisei Lounge

3439 N. Sheffield Ave.

To paraphrase Nisei’s website, the bar was allegedly opened by Japanese immigrants around 1950. In 2009, two friends realized they were “just $899,800,162.00 short in their attempt to buy the Chicago Cubs,” so they bought Nisei instead. Luckily for us, it’s why one of the great dive bars of Wrigley remains.


The Sports Corner Bar & Grill

956 W. Addison St.

Sports Corner is the first bar you’ll encounter after walking off the red line L stop at Addison. Posting up here is the equivalent of betting all your money on the first slot machine in the Vegas airport. Best or worst way to start an adventure – your choice.


The Gingerman Tavern

3740 N. Clark St.

The Gingerman Tavern is the opposite of what you probably associate with Wrigleyville. No Cubs, no sports, and no Wagon Wheel sing-a-longs. Just a quality selection of microbrews and a few pool tables, and it's always a good idea when you want to ditch the crowds.

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