Jerk Shack Kitchen

Jerk Shack is a Caribbean staple in Belltown that we love for jerk chicken and rum punch. Jerk Shack Kitchen, their casual counter outpost in the Central District, is even better than the original location, and our new favorite takeout lunch. The space has just a few small dining tables, so it’s best suited for grabbing-and-going, or a quick midday meal with coworkers who you might want to see outside of Zoom. The fry bake sandwiches are a must-order, made with sweet bread that acts as a safety net for juicy pork, crunchy slaw, and hot sauces that don’t skimp on the garlic. Then they’re served with a side of jerk seasoning-dusted fries, because why not? If anything, the extra creamy jerk mac and cheese is worthy of putting “very very long dentist appointment” on your calendar and ditching work for.