Going out for pasta doesn’t always have to be a candlelit activity reserved for people in love. Sometimes we just want to enjoy carbs and the sanctity of being alone without bearing witness to a restaurant-wide PDA contest. At this enthusiastically casual all-day Italian spot in Pioneer Square, the only romantic vibes are between us and a plate of penne all'amatriciana—despite their playlist of wedding dance floor bangers. It's perfect for a solo meal at the bar, or a group hang with people you feel platonically about.

Darkalino’s menu is loaded with snacks and focaccia sandwiches, but lean into the fresh pastas dressed in sauces like rich, meaty ragu or a burrata-topped pesto jazzed up with burst tomatoes and mint. And whatever you do, make sure there’s an order of chili oil-drizzled carrot tartare on your table. This spread of sweet pureed carrot served with nutty buckwheat crackers is such an outstanding small plate that you may want to tell everyone you know, except your friends in relationships.

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