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Boricua 2  review image

PHL Review

Boricua 2

Boricua 2 is a lively Puerto Rican restaurant in Port Richmond that serves incredible pernil.

Byrne's Tavern review image

PHL Review

Byrne's Tavern

For over 40 years, Byrne’s Tavern has been a go-to place for bar food in Port Richmond.

Tiny’s Bottle Shop review image

PHL Review

Tiny’s Bottle Shop

Tiny’s Bottle Shop is a wine store behind The Lunar Inn in Port Richmond.

Lunar Inn review image

PHL Review

Lunar Inn

The Lunar Inn is a bar and restaurant in Port Richmond that’s attached to a great natural wine shop.

Richmond Bottle Shop review image

PHL Review

Richmond Bottle Shop

Richmond Bottle Shop is located in an IGA grocery store in Port Richmond that happens to have a great selection of wine and beer.

The Original Tacconelli’s Pizzeria review image

PHL Review

The Original Tacconelli’s Pizzeria

Tacconelli’s is a reservation and cash-only spot in Port Richmond serving crispy, thin crust pizzas.