Alison Kessler

Philadelphia Senior Editor

Alison is Philadelphia’s Senior Editor, and joins the company after working with food-adjacent organizations for over a decade. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Boston University, a Master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, and a deep obsession with pizza as the ultimate vehicle for ranch dressing.

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Samuel's review image

PHL Review


Samuel's is an all-day deli in Rittenhouse Square where you can get bagels, sandwiches, and baked goods on a casual weekday.

Bottega Rittenhouse review image

PHL Review

Bottega Rittenhouse

Bottega Rittenhouse is a cafe, sandwich, pasta, and prepared foods shop just off Rittenhouse Square.

The Philly Good-Ass Shrimp Guide guide image

PHL Guide

The Philly Good-Ass Shrimp Guide

There are a lot of good shrimp dishes in Philadelphia. These are the 10 best.

Restaurant Aleksandar  review image

PHL Review

Restaurant Aleksandar

Restaurant Aleksandar is an Eastern European restaurant on Rittenhouse Square perfect for a dinner of short rib pasta or pierogies and impressive cocktails.

Nannie Franco's review image

PHL Review

Nannie Franco's

Nannie Franco's is a solid pizza shop in the Italian Market that's open seven days a week.

Boricua 2  review image

PHL Review

Boricua 2

Boricua 2 is a lively Puerto Rican restaurant in Port Richmond that serves incredible pernil.

Where To Do Fall Stuff Within 60 Minutes Of Philly feature image

PHL Feature

Where To Do Fall Stuff Within 60 Minutes Of Philly

Because everyone likes pumpkins and fresh air.