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Do not go to Troost.

Not because we don't like this little Greenpoint bar/restaurant - we do. But I'm telling you to stay away as a sort of disclaimer to preface this positive review.

You see, we tried to put Troost in our Summer Guide this year, but they straight up weren't interested. They didn't want our photographer to come take pictures, and frankly didn't seem to want any sort of coverage. That's cool with us, but it only made us more intrigued. You know the feeling - you only want what you can't have. Like a pet rhinoceros.

We've been to Troost a few times now since we found out they were the pretty girl that didn't want us, and here's what we discovered: This isn't some underground hot spot or undiscovered New York gem, it's just a great neighborhood hang where locals go for drinks and sandwiches, and they happen to have a killer patio. I think what we like most about Troost is that it has a very Post Office vibe - laid back and friendly with no pretense and solid EEEEEATS. The small menu of food offerings isn't quite the revelation that Post Office's menu is, but Troost does make up some ground with their back garden, which is big and particularly peaceful on weekday afternoons. They even have free wi-fi.

Really, Troost is more of a cafe and bar than it is a restaurant, where people come to grab a coffee or have a drink and be treated like regulars by the friendly staff. But none of that matters, because we don't want you to go. At least not at our behest. If you must, tell them Time Out sent you. Or come up with something more believable than that.

Food Rundown

Troost does a mean coffee drink, especially when it comes to the cortado. They serve La Colombe coffee, and they'll make you one all the way up until 2am, assuming you have problems.

Homemade Granola & Fruit
A solid way to start your day.

Avocado Toast
This toast comes with the avocados thinly sliced, as opposed to mashed up. It's tasty, and is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from avocado toast.

Pickle Plate
More of a pickle jar, with all kinds of vinegared veggies.

Ham And CheeseA solid ham and cheese that's heavy on the cheese. This will do well if you're looking for something to accompany a craft beer or three.

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