Save for that sushirrito trend that went off the rails, we’ve always appreciated having a handheld way to eat some crab legs and warm rice. Temakase, a handroll bar in the East Village, believes their fresh, hot rice and crispy nori combination should be eaten within 30 seconds, and they’ve made it very easy to do so.

Choose from sets of 3-6 handrolls (including a vegan option) to be delivered to you piece by piece at your own eating pace by someone in an Hawaiian shirt. Temakase keeps it simple—your sets will have your basic salmon and tuna varieties, as well as creamy lobster, crab, and scallop. There are no elaborate toppings, just fresh fish and perfect jewels of vinegary rice.

The spacious dining room only has counter seating, with plenty of room to guarantee you a spot whether you want to pop-in for a quick 30-minute solo meal or linger for rounds of sake from their vaguely tropical themed bar. They also have a second location in Williamsburg.

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