Samwoojung 1963

Samwoojung is a Seoul-based bulgogi specialist dating back to 1963, so they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their recipe. At their NYC location near Penn Station, a server simmers marinated beef and some veggies at your table in a sweet soy broth, which eventually evaporates, leaving you with the ultimate Korean BBQ-style comfort dish. Brought to you by Hand Hospitality (Ariari, Atoboy)—who are seemingly incapable of opening a bad restaurant—Samwoojung works well for a communal work meal, since you’ll know exactly what to order. It’s also spread out over two floors with plenty of space. The basic wood and concrete decor keeps your focus where it should be, on the bulgogi, though there is a small menu with stews, cold noodles, and seafood (get the gochujang-glazed abalone).