Puff's Patties

At this tiny spot on Nostrand Ave., the person behind the counter will greet you with “Welcome to Puff’s Patties, home of the best Jamaican patties in the world!” Then, the person next to you might recommend the callaloo, and suddenly you’ll just want to eat patties here forever. There are only two stools inside though, and you’re sort of blocking the door. These aren’t the neighborhood's flakiest patties, but they’re still excellent walking snacks—and you won’t find The Overload anywhere else in Crown Heights. It’s coco bread, stuffed with a patty stuffed with oxtail and mac and cheese, and it’s best split with a friend on a bench on Eastern Parkway. Whether you’re overloading or not, get a pineapple ginger juice, which tastes like a ginger shot’s gentler grandmother.