Porter House

Most of New York’s great steakhouses are housed in dim, wood-paneled rooms designed to make you feel like you’re playing an elaborate game of D&D, but Porter House NYC turns that trope on its head. Here, you eat your red meat atop the ivory tower of the Time Warner Center, in an elegant, airy space overlooking Central Park. The porterhouse here is one of the priciest in the city at $170, but it’s cooked perfectly, seasoned well, and comes with an unparalleled view. At lunch, you can get a three-course $48 steak frites situation that’s easily the best steakhouse lunch deal in this part of town. If you’re ordering à la carte, you’re morally obligated to get the ice cream sundae, which comes laden with chunks of brownies, meringue, chocolate chip cookies, and a full gravy boat of hot fudge. 

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