It’s easy to find good sushi in New York City. It’s harder to find good sushi that won’t force you to choose between paying your ConEd bill and buying those socks that have been sitting in your Amazon Prime cart. But a few sushi places in the city have a good balance of price and quality, and Juku is now one of them. This is an omakase bar in a three-floor space in Chinatown (that’s also home to a subterranean cocktail bar and an izakaya). For $80, you get 12 pieces of very high-quality fish, like toro and king salmon and barracuda, and as the chef hands you each piece, he’ll tells you where it’s from - places ranging from Tokyo to Spain to Tasmania. The bar only has 12 seats, but you can hear the music and order cocktails from the izakaya downstairs, making Juku feel like both an intimate sushi experience and a fun night out.