There are a lot of great hot pot places downtown. Some are ideal for big group dinners (99 Favor Taste or Hometown Hotpot, for example), and others, like Tang Hotpot, work well for an upscale night out with some in-laws or a mysterious benefactor like in Great Expectations. Then there’s Hou Yi Hot Pot, which is perfect for a night out with a few friends who want to eat copious amounts of meat, then follow that up with an impromptu ice cream party.

Dinner here is $33 per person, and you can choose from about 30 different types of broths - ranging from pickled vegetable to kimchi with pork - plus a bunch of hot pot ingredients like beef, lamb, fish balls, and different vegetables and starches. Each pot holds two different kinds of broth, and we suggest something mild in one half and something from the “Hot & Spicy” section in the other. (Just be aware that even the “medium” spicy broths would cause a mild commotion at a hot sauce convention.) There’s also a big freezer in the corner filled with about 12 different kinds of scoop-it-yourself ice cream, and that’s where you should find yourself once you’ve decided it’s time to wrap things up.

The space is just one small windowless room, so it isn’t ideal for huge groups or anyone who constantly craves natural light - but it’s great for something casual with a small group. Stop by the next time you want to have a fun, interactive meal in the neighborhood.

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