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Many people who work in Midtown East have their go-to sushi spots, but the smart ones go to Hatsuhana. It’s probably best described as the lower end of the high-end spots, which means it’s upscale but not unaffordable for a business lunch. Most of the lunch sushi sets are around $30, but if you are going to spend, the big draw is the $46 “Box Of Dreams,” a set of nine mini boxes of sashimi.

At night, you can pick from a few prix fixe sushi options, ranging from a pretty basic $29 to a full-blown 15 piece for $105 and 18 piece $126 omakase, and a few in between. We’d recommend the $46 “Sushi Deluxe,” which includes 10 top quality, chef-chosen pieces plus a roll. Sure, there are newer, more exciting places to eat sushi in NYC, but the quality-to-price ratio is excellent, you can always get in, and you’ll leave satisfied. As we said, the smart people go to Hatsuhana.

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