Grand Republic Cocktail Club

There are a lot of bars in Greenpoint, and many of these bars have quaint decor and frozen painkillers (the new ubiquitous NYC cocktail). But most of these bars don't have low-key backyards where you can probably get a table at any given time. Grand Republic has all of those of things, and that's why we like this place. Less than a block from Transmitter Park, this spot is easy to miss, although you'll probably see some people drinking at the tables out front when you walk by. It may be tempting to plant yourself out there—but head inside, walk straight through the bar, and claim a seat out back instead. Despite the fancy-sounding name, this place mostly just feels like an old-timey tavern, and you probably won't hear the word "mixology" here. Come for a casual frozen painkiller, or stop by for Happy Hour from 5-8pm on weekdays.

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