El Nuevo Bohío

If you’re spending the whole day hanging out with anacondas, giraffes, and snow leopards at The Bronx Zoo, you’re going to get hungry at some point. Nearby El Nuevo Bohío has been around for decades in East Tremont, and it feels like most of the people who are constantly streaming in and out come to this Puerto Rican restaurant on a weekly basis. Start with the light ensalada de pulpo with a generous amount of big octopus chunks and crunchy onions and bell peppers. Follow that with the Combo 1, which comes with a pound of fatty and salty pernil with crackly skin, rice, beans, maduros, a salad, and a soda. The meal easily feeds three and is an incredible deal at $24. There’s no table service, so place your order at the counter and settle down in the large seating area filled with photos of famous baseball players like Pedro Martínez and José Altuve. You almost certainly won’t have room for dessert, so grab a tres leches from the dessert fridge on your way out.

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