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Del Posto

Mario Batali restaurants have a reputation of being tourist traps and magnets for the bridge and tunnel crowd. There's always a lot of action, and you never know what kind of spectacle might unfold on any given night. Example? How about when Sinbad rolled in during one of our visits with a crew of five chicks - all rocking velour sweat suits and demanding a table without a reservation. F*cking Sinbad! He must have had a gift card.

The Del Posto dining experience is filled with euphoric highs and head scratching lows, which is frustrating. The bone in ribeye for two is one of the best steaks we've had all year (along with the steak at Marea). The pastas are also ridiculously good. On the other hand, service is inconsistent. We've had great experiences in the past, but our most recent visit was a rough one. To not be given menus, a wine list, or even a simple hello after being seated for nearly fifteen minutes is stupid, especially at an upscale, ridiculously expensive joint like this. Nobody ever wants to feel like an afterthought at a five star restaurant, and we did. Maybe it's due to our lack of blazers and/or moneys.

Del Posto is a great restaurant, it's just not one that's going to get the full backing of The Infatuation. While we'd happily eat here any day of the week if the big wigs are buying, it's not exactly our scene, our crowd, or a restaurant we'd send our people to before others. However, it does come highly recommended by Sinbad. That's gotta count for something.

Food Rundown

Snipped Herb & Lettuce Salad with Bellini Citronette
A beautiful, fresh mix of greens and seasonal vegetables spread out elegantly on a plate. This is a great, high end salad from a high end restaurant.

Lidia’s Lobster Salad alla Catalana
This was terrible. Possibly the worst lobster salad I've ever had, actually. The lobster was served lukewarm and gave off the impression that it had been sitting in the kitchen, plated for a while. The tomatoes were pasty and couldn't disguise the slimy lobster.

Ricotta Pansoti with Wild Asparagus & Black Truffles
There's a reason why the five course, $95 tasting menu comes with two pastas. The pasta at Del Posto is sick. These hand made, jumbo pansoti pasta dumplings are filled with a delicious, light ricotta and drizzled with black truffles. Good stuff.

Handmade Orecchiette with Lamb Shoulder Sausage
Ear shaped pasta tossed with crispy morel mushrooms, soft lamb shoulder sausage, and green sauce in the form of minted soybeans that made it look like the Ghostbusters Ecto 1 had just paid this plate a visit (in a good way). The crispiness of the mushrooms were a nice contrast to the al dente pasta and lamb shoulder.

BB&L Beef Ribeye
When you run a food website, gift certificates are a popular present. Thank god, because if that wasn't the case, this absurdly priced $130 ribeye for two would have never found its way onto our table. Is any steak worth $65 a head? Probably not. But if you're celebrating, splurging, or are lucky enough to be playing with house money, then this is an absolute must.

At this point, we were so full that we could only stomach a sample of the butterscotch semifreddo, which was creamy and delicious - and the crostata of the day, which happened to be of the peach variety. Both desserts were solid, but nothing to get overly excited about.

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