There’s no martini on the official cocktail list at Cecchi’s, but if you look around this West Village bistro in the former Café Loup space, you’ll see an abundance of people drinking ice-cold vodka with olives. It’s just that kind of place. The retro, sepia-toned room with white tablecloths and Art Deco accents feels like the sort of spot where you’d get a boozy post-theater meal in 1985, and it’s a great choice for an upscale date night or a casual dinner with someone who has a financial adviser. In addition to a $74 rack of lamb and a plate of good, garlicky scallop crudo, menu items include a burger, glazed ribs, and onion rings. The heavily dressed deconstructed wedge with bits of chopped bacon goes especially well with a martini.

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photo credit: Joe Cramm