Brooklyn Crab

Perfect For: Big Groups Day Drinking Lunch Outdoor/Patio Situation Screaming Children Sports! Unique Dining Experience

There is nothing like Brooklyn Crab in NYC. It's an anomaly in this city for a number of reasons. The first of which: crabs. No, not those kind of crabs, you creepy weirdo. We're talking the kind you eat, like they serve by the bucketful in Maryland. No one else moves buckets of crabs around these parts on the regular. Strap on a bib and get those crackers ready, you've got work to do. Second, the rickety, beach-themed bi-level indoor/outdoor restaurant looks like it belongs on a boardwalk, in the sand, or on a dock. Not steps from the Hudson River in the flourishing industrial capital of Red Hook. It's a fish out of water in the best possible way. Third, it has a mini golf course. That's right, mini golf. In NYC.

We like Brooklyn Crab a lot more as a place to hang out than as a culinary destination - sometimes, the idea of eating buckets of crabs can seem more exciting in theory than in practice, and that's definitely the case here. But it's still a fun activity, especially when you consider this place is more about than experience than it is the food anyway. Keep in mind that it can get bananas during prime time summer days, and you might have to wait a lonooong time to actually get a table. That's fine by us, as the bar space is plentiful and there is always a colorful cast of characters around to keep you entertained. Just prepare accordingly and make a day of it. While you're killing time, have a drink around the corner at the historic Sunny's Bar, one of the oldest and most storied in all of New York.

This isn't a See And Be Seen sexy summer hot spot, although Brooklyn Crab does have a bit of a Montauk vibe. It's kind of like the Sloppy Tuna, but with kids, and without all the sloppiness. Stang said it best in last year's Summer Guide: "know this is a family establishment and kids will be around, so probably leave your sideboob party tank at home." You heard the man. While you're at it, leave the crop tops and neon bro tanks home too. Saw enough of those at Gov Ball to last us a couple years.

Food Rundown


Because nothing says summer like a beer and big 'ol pot of clams.

Peel & Eat Shrimp

Peel 'Em, eat 'em, avoid the heads. The shrimps come with some spicy Cajun boil sauce, which is quite tasty.

Crab Rolls

Take a break from the lobster rolls for a minute and get down with a roll of the crab variety. Brooklyn Crab has a bunch of different options, from an affordable Jonah Crab roll to the consistently tasty Blue Crab roll.

Snow Crab Steampot

A bucket of snow crabs ready to be taken down. The reward on snow crabs isn't all that great though, as they're a lot of work for minimal meat. Treat yourself to Alaskan King crabs instead.

Alaskan King Crab Steampot

We love the Alaskan King. The meat is so decadent and smooth, and these big claws are so easy to crack and extract the goodness from. Definitely get a pot to share.

Brooklyn Crab Royale For Two

There are lobsters at the crab palace too. Go big and feed the whole crew with a Royale For Two: all the crabs, and a giant lobster.

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