Bird in Hand

This place in Hamilton Heights calls itself a cocktail bar, but it feels more like a restaurant—mainly due to its massive space and extensive food menu.

We hate to sound like that person who always orders chicken tenders and fries, but stick to the fried dishes here. The combination of sweet diced chunks of watermelon and slices of fried green tomatoes is nice, and the deep-fried deviled eggs with crispy bits of prosciutto are a must-order. There are also a bunch of house cocktails, and we especially like the Songbird Won with elderflower and lime and the pink Shy & Humble that’s made with pear brandy and comes in a glass that makes you look like you’re drinking out of a bird’s ass.

Whether you’re looking for a spot to bring five friends (with the possibility of more showing up) or planning a last-minute dinner because the beef you were going to cook has stuff growing on it, Bird in Hand is a great choice. There’s a pool table in the back, and you won’t hit a wall with your stick every time you take a shot. (Because, again, this place is huge.)

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