14 Bars With Happy Hours That Go Past 8pm

We all like discounted drinks. Here’s where to find them after 8pm.

There’s a reason people skip Thanksgiving dinner to camp out in front of whatever stores Amazon hasn’t put out of business yet, and it’s the same reason people like Happy Hour. Somehow, it feels like you’re actually making money when a bar gives you $1 off a beer.

But if you’re still at work or watching strangers play cell phone games on the subway at 6:30, Happy Hour can feel kind of like an urban legend. The good news is that some bars offer Happy Hour until 9pm or even later. Here are 14 of them.

The Spots

When: Mon-Fri until 9pm

The Deal: $5 Draft Beers, $5 Well Drinks, $8 Cocktails, $8 Glasses Of Wine

You may be most familiar with Union Pool for its shot-and-beer combos, typically consumed closer to 1am than 8pm. But this Williamsburg bar is also a solid option earlier in the evening, before the lights get turned down and the music gets turned way up. Hang out in the big backyard with a group, order some tacos, and then go somewhere else before coming back here later in the night.

When: Tues-Sat until 10pm; Sun-Mon all day

The Deal: 2 For 1 Drinks

Getting two-for-one drinks at a normal Happy Hour is nice, but getting two-for-one drinks at 10pm on a Saturday feels kind of like setting a new Pac-Man record at an arcade. Keybar is a small, dark spot in the East Village where the whole bar is included in the two-for-one deal, so get some beers or whiskey sodas with a group before dancing at The Wayland or spending $16 for a cocktail at PDT.

When: Mon-Fri until 9pm

The Deal: $5 Draft Beers, $5 Well Drinks, $5 Glasses Of Wine

This East Village spot is perfect for people who like craft beer (there’s a long list of hard-to-find beers on tap) as well as dogs who like people who like craft beer (it’s dog-friendly). But even if you don’t have a dog and you only drink beer when a ping pong ball falls in your cup, you’ll still like this place for its nice back patio.

When: Sun-Fri until 9pm

The Deal: $4 Draft Beers, $5 Well Drinks, $6 Cocktails

Drink prices in Bushwick are rarely outrageous, but still, Tradesman is unusual in offering Happy Hour until 9pm. It’s less than a block from the Montrose L stop, so it’s a good spot to meet friends before a late dinner at Win Son or Roberta’s. During the summer, sit at a picnic table in the big backyard.

Local 138

$$$$(212) 477-0280
Hours:SATURDAY4:00PM to 4:00AM
Perfect For:Sports!

When: Daily until 9pm

The Deal: $4 Draft Beers, $4 Well Drinks, $4 Glasses Of Wine

At Pianos or Home Sweet Home, you might start the night swaying awkwardly from side to side and end as the center of attention on the dance floor. One way to skip over that first phase is to get a few $4 drinks at Local 138 before heading to one of those other spots on the LES.

When: Sun-Weds all day

The Deal: 2 For 1 Drinks

Bars with two-for-one drinks deals are often divey spots where everyone, the bartender included, will stare at you if you order a glass of chardonnay. But Ten Degrees has a long wine list, and you could even ask to taste a few different options before ordering without anybody looking twice. There are plenty of options besides wine, too - the whole bar is included in Happy Hour.

When: Daily until 11pm

The Deal: $7 Glasses Of Wine, $7 Mixed Drinks, $4 Narragansetts

Verlaine has a long menu of drinks and mostly Asian food options, but what really sets it apart from other spots nearby is the fact that it does Happy Hour until 11pm every day. You can drink a lychee martini here on a leather couch, and it’ll cost you about a quarter as much as it would in Meatpacking.

When: Weds-Sat until 9pm

The Deal: $8 House Cocktails, $8 Glasses Of Wine, $10 Shot/Beer Combo, $6 Sam Adams

Speaking of Meatpacking, this neighborhood is known more for bottle service and $22 vodka sodas than for discounted drinks, but Troy Liquor Bar offers Happy Hour until 9pm every day that it’s open (Weds-Sat). The big, dark, below-ground bar gets clubby after around 10pm, but it’s a relatively low-key place to get some drinks and play pool until then.

When: Daily Until Close

The Deal: $6 Select Beers; $8 Wine, $8 Sangria, $8 Margaritas, $8 Cocktails

Maya is an upscale Mexican place on the Upper East Side where you can get tuna tartare in your guacamole, so you probably shouldn’t come here with a group looking to double fist vodka Red Bulls. But if you’re looking for a low-key spot to drink some discounted margaritas, they offer Happy Hour in the bar area every day until close.

McGee's Pub

$$$$(212) 957-3536
Hours:SATURDAY11:00AM to 4:00AM
Perfect For:Big Groups

When: Daily until 9pm The Deal: $6 Draft Beers, $6 Well Drinks, $6 Glasses Of Wine

McGee’s is a three-floor Irish pub in the Theater District. It’s less divey than other pubs in the area, and it’s big enough to fit the whole Book Of Mormon cast, in case you want to buy them all beers after the show.

When: Mon-Thurs all day

The Deal: $5 Beers, $6 Well Drinks, $7 Glasses Of Wine

Alewife is a good place to drink with a big group in Long Island City. The two-floor space has more than 25 beers on tap, many of which you’ve probably never heard of, and they do Happy Hour from open until close Monday-Thursday. Get some drinks in the backyard here after dinner at Casa Enrique.

When: Daily until 9pm

The Deal: $5 Draft Beers, $5 Well Drinks, $5 Glasses Of Wine, $8 Cocktails

The Rosemont is a gay bar in Williamsburg that serves discounted drinks every day until 9pm. You’ll find drag shows, DJ sets, and live music here (check their website for a schedule) - plus there’s a patio, if you want to hang outside.

When: Daily until 9pm, Sun-Thurs, 12am until close

The Deal: Half-Off Everything

This place is in a part of the East Village where just about every storefront has a chalkboard sign out front advertising drink specials. While most of these faded chalk doodles say that Happy Hour ends at 7 or 8pm, La Linea’s goes until 9 every night. It can feel a bit cramped inside once DJs take over, but the Happy Hour deal here is one of the best in the neighborhood.

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