Lido Restaurant and Champagne Bar at The Surf Club

The Lido Restaurant is an upscale Italian spot inside the gorgeous and historic Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club. Visually, it’s a stunning restaurant. The dining room has a massive cathedral ceiling, and an overall energy that’ll make you feel like a duke or duchess of some small European country. The food is good too, but—with the exception of the stellar pasta—not quite as impressive as the property.

Both the size of the portions and intensity of the flavors just leave you with an Is-that-it? sort of feeling. If you’re eating here, we’re going to assume budget is not a big issue. And if that’s the case, consider making a reservation at the The Surf Club instead. It’s another high-end spot within the property that does deliver a really unforgettable dining experience. You should still stop by Lido to have a cocktail or two at their absolutely beautiful champagne bar, which is just outside the dining room. And if you do end up here for dinner, focus exclusively on the pasta to really get your money’s worth.

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