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The Best Late-Night Restaurants In Miami

Whether you want tacos at 3am or an arepa, these late-night spots are here for you.

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13 Spots
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13 Spots
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Updated November 16th, 2021

Late-night eating is more the norm than the exception in Miami - most restaurants sit fairly empty while the rest of the country is ordering their dinner. Even if you’re someone who manages to sit down for a meal before 10:30pm, you still might be hungry later - especially if it’s now 2am and you’ve spent the last four hours convincing your friends that the random guy in the VIP section is definitely not Bad Bunny. These late-night spots should give you plenty of options - whether you want a very relaxing sit-down meal as a reward for herding everyone out the front door before the driver canceled your ride, or just want a cheeseburger and some sleep.

The Spots

Tasty Planet

La Sandwicherie

$$$$ 229 14th St

Open Until 5am

We’d like to hire David Attenborough to narrate the scene at La Sandwicherie in South Beach at 3:30am on a Saturday night. There is no organized ordering system at the sidewalk window, which might make you feel like a hyena fighting over a fresh kill. Our advice: stand your ground and make constant eye contact with the staff hustling behind the counter, they’ll get to you quicker than you think. The sandwiches - all thick and overflowing with veggies, meat, and whatever else you want them to stuff in there - are worth it. They have multiple locations around Miami too, and most are open quite late as well.

Tasty Planet

Mary's Coin Laundry

$$$$ 2542 SW 27th Ave

Open 24 Hours

There are always people at Mary’s - both because the cafe is open 24 hours a day and it pulls double duty as a laundromat. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about spilling pastelito crumbs on some poor dude’s towels. The food portion of Mary’s takes place outside on the sidewalk, where a small crowd is eating one of many sandwiches, which are quite large and usually stuffed with potato sticks. The thick pan con bistec is a good move, and will leave you extremely ready for bed.

Tacos El Carnal

$$$$ 2601 W Flagler St

Open Until 3am Mon-Thu, 5am Fri-Sun

If you’re around Little Havana and in a taco mood, make your way to Tacos El Carnal. The small Mexican restaurant has some simple, delicious tacos. They serve all the hits here: al pastor, carne asada, lengua, barbacoa, and more. They don’t skimp on the filling, and give you a small mountain of cilantro and onions on the side so you can sprinkle to your liking.

Tasty Planet

Steve's Pizza

$$$$ 12010 Biscayne Blvd

Open Until 3am Mon-Thu, 4am Fri-Sat, 2am Mon

A lot of people grew up going to Steve’s and now happily return as adults at 2am, even though it’s quite far from the city’s nightlife hubs. This dark little spot in North Miami has an old Ms. Pac-Man game in the corner, polaroids of regulars by the register, and years of graffiti covering the little wooden booths. The pizza is closer to a New York-style slice (paper plates and all), but has a sweet tomato sauce. And the pepperoni is the kind that forms those awesome little oil-collecting cups on the pizza, which is exactly what you want in the middle of the night.

Tasty Planet

Royal Castle

$$$$ 2700 NW 79th St

Open 24 Hours

Royal Castle is a little neighborhood diner that serves sandwiches, breakfast, and (what you want to get) sliders. You can order them in “six-packs” with or without some pretty good crinkle-cut fries. The mini burgers have soft buns, thin patties, diced onions, a pickle, and melted American cheese. If you’re not in the mood to eat six tiny cheeseburgers, go for the crunchy, buttery patty melt.

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

$$$$ 1220 16th St

Open Until 3am Sun-Wed, 4am Thu-Sat

If you stop by Bodega on a weekend, it’s probably going to look obnoxiously crowded, but that crowd is most likely trying to get into the club in the back. This is good news for you, who just wants a taco or three. Walk past the line, go inside, and find the register to the left. Stick to the tacos over a burrito (the al pastor is good enough to get two of). Eat them there if you’re down for some intense people-watching, or get them to-go if you’ve reached your people quota for the day and would rather not watch two guys drunkenly high five once they discover they have the same Hurricanes tattoo on their tricep.

Tasty Planet

La Latina

$$$$ 3509 NE 2nd Ave

Open Until 10pm Sun-Thu, 2am–Fri-Sat

La Latina is a great Venezuelan spot that is right next to the wonderful wine bar Lagniappe and very close to Wynwood, in case you happen to be drinking over there. The Edgewater restaurant might not work for a late-night meal during the week since they close at 10pm, but they’re open till 2am on Friday and Saturday. Swing by on the way home for one of the best arepas in the city.

Tasty Planet

Pizza Tropical

Pizza  in  Wynwood
$$$$ 176 NW 24th St

Open Until 3am Fri-Sat, 1am Sun-Tue and Thu, Closed Wed

Pizza Tropical is located at Gramps, which is 99% bar and 1% pizza place. But that 1% is good enough to justify coming here whether or not you want to drink. There’s no cover at Gramps, so it’s easy enough to show some ID at the door and make your way to the bar’s back patio, where you’ll find the yellow and red window. You can order a whole pie or get a slice that’s simple, thin, foldable, and a very worthwhile pitstop on your way out of Wynwood.

Tasty Planet

Yambo Restaurant

$$$$ 1643 SW 1st St

Open 24 Hours

Yambo is a Nicaraguan restaurant right by Calle Ocho that’s open 24-hours a day and has a charming, cluttered interior that is the antithesis of minimalism. Outside, there are colorful statues of roosters, cows, and horses. Inside, every square inch of the place is covered in some sort of painting, trinket, or sculpture. The carne asada is what this place is known for - but there are plenty of other things that also taste good after a few drinks, like fried hunks of cheese, plantain empanadas, and flan.

Tasty Planet


$$$$ 250 NW 23rd St Unit 312

Open Until 3am Daily

It’s hard to anticipate what you’ll be in the mood for around 2am, so it’s nice to go somewhere with options and let your intoxicated self take it from there. At 1-800-Lucky, there are seven different Asian stalls serving ramen, dim sum, ice cream, and more. Our favorite spots in here are B-Side (sushi) and Jeepney (Filipino). There’s a good amount of seating inside and some outside, though the outdoor scene is more of a party - which is nice if you’re trying to keep the mood going, but maybe not so much if you like your noodles with a side of peace and quiet.

Tasty Planet

Cheeseburger Baby

$$$$ 1505 Washington Ave

Open Until 4am

Here’s an easy questionnaire to determine whether or not you should go to Cheeseburger Baby. Is it after 11pm? Do you want a cheeseburger? Are you in South Beach? If you answered yes to all, then go to Cheeseburger Baby. Their burgers are solid, and if you stick to the simple quarter pound cheeseburger, you should be able to eat it on the way home without making an absolute mess of yourself. There are some other things on the menu, but stick to the burgers and fries, which you can load up with cheese, bacon, or both.

Tasty Planet


$$$$ 3555 SW 8th St

Open Until 1am Fri-Sat, midnight Sun-Thu

It’s fitting that Miami’s most famous restaurant accommodates our city’s notoriously late dinner schedule. Versailles at 1am doesn’t look too much different than Versailles at 1pm: there’s still a small army of servers and runners carrying very big portions of imperial rice and arroz con pollo from table to table, and croquetas are constantly flying out of the kitchen like torpedos. If there is a downside to late-night Versailles, it’s that the terrifying number of mirrors in this place will leave you no choice but to see exactly what you look like in a post-club state. And you may have to skip the cafecito if you want to sleep tonight.

Coyo Taco

Mexican  in  Wynwood
$$$$ 2300 NW 2nd Ave #3

Open Until 2am Mon-Wed, 3am Thu-Sun

You’re going to have to wait in line at Coyo Taco, which we normally don’t like when very hungry late at night, but this place is worth it. The tacos here are some of Miami’s best and certainly better than anything else you’ll find in the immediate area after midnight. The crowd also probably isn’t as bad as it looks. A lot of people come to Coyo just to loiter around or wait in line for the club in the back, which means less competition for chipotle aioli at the self-serve sauce station.

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