H&H Grill

When the steak mood strikes but you don't want to spend $150 on dinner, remember H&H. This upscale Brazilian restaurant is nowhere near LA's best steakhouse—and it doesn't need to be. You're here to eat an AYCE churrasco menu for $65 per person and leave with half of a butcher's shop in your system. Despite its highly unsexy location—the ground floor of the Beverly Center—H&H Grill does a good job of toning down the mega-mall exterior with its white panel walls and wood-burning fireplace. Nearly everyone eating here opts for the AYCE deal. $65 is not exactly free, but it’s a steal when you compare it to the $52 branzino filet on the restaurant's a la carte menu. The best cuts in H&H's rotation are the lamb leg and picanha in a punchy, raw garlic marinade. Others, like tri-tip or the non-marinated picanha, might be perfectly medium-rare and visibly juicy when your server carves into them, but they'll basically ghost your tongue when it comes to seasoning (or lack thereof). Otherwise, expect to skip the salad bar unless you have a thing for bland collard greens and a boring caprese salad. The meat, and some good, smoky feijoada, is really the party starter.