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Pampas Grill Churrascaria

Brazilian in Beverly Grove

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Pampas Grill Churrascaria is a popular spot at The Farmer's Market next to the Grove where you pay by the weight of your plate, rather than a set price. The concept sounds pretty economic at first, but I usually get carried away with their impressive display of Brazilian classics. First and foremost, the feijoada. Recognized as Brazil’s national dish, this hearty pork, beef, and black bean stew is usually accompanied by white rice, toasted cassava flour, and collard greens sauteed with garlic. From there, make your way over to the pitmasters who are roasting a variety of churrasco-style meats. Everything is perfectly cooked, but my personal favorites are the linguiça (Brazilian pork sausage) and the picanha (top sirloin cap). The linguiça at Pampas has just the right kick of spice, and the picanha’s fatty cap melts with each bite. Down it all with a Guarana soda and you’ve just finished a tour of Brazil’s greatest hits.

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