Sugarfish La Brea

One can view Los Angeles’s sushi scene much like the cast of Wet Hot American Summer. It’s large, talented and almost everyone’s a huge star now. But while several world-class sushi dynasties permeate through our city, none might be bigger than Sugarfish.

Starting as a humble sushi joint in The Valley (don’t they all), Sugarfish has grown now to eight different locations, stretching from Marina Del Rey to Downtown. What’s usually a kiss of death to most restaurants, Sugarfish’s eye-popping expansion has continued to work because of Chef Nozawa’s unwavering integrity given to every piece of fish served. Case in point - the location in question - Sugarfish’s newest - is as good as ever (and so far, the wait for a table is shorter than average).

And at $30 for 7 different cuts of premiere sushi ($25 at lunch), this is the best deal in town for what you’re getting. End of discussion. And don’t come calling for your California or Boston rolls sweetheart, they’re not here. Sugarfish’s “trust me”-style menu leaves it all entirely in the hands of the chefs and that’s beautiful. You will receive your untampered sushi in the order that they see fit and you will eat it in the way they intend you to. Aka, keep that soy sauce far away.

And while Chef Nozawa’s sushi speaks for itself, it’s the overall concept and social approach that has led Sugarfish to the success it’s basking in today. Far too many of the great sushi restaurants in town exist under the umbrella of A-List exclusivity but Sugarfish remains intent on the opposite. Whether it’s by yourself on a quick lunch break, enjoying a night out with friends, or sitting on your bed watching TV eating takeout, Sugarfish is quality sushi for the people.

Not getting too political, that’s a campaign we will continue to vote for.

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“Trust Me”

Edamame, tuna sashimi, albacore sushi, salmon sushi, yellowtail sushi, halibut sushi, a toro handroll, and a blue crab handroll for about $30. If anyone has a problem with that previous sentence, you are living a dark life and we hope you find the light. Amen.

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