Tel-Aviv is known for its party restaurants where vinyl spins, hummus flows, and tables are for dancing on first and eating on second. Lilienblum isn’t like that, but it feels like Eyal Shani (of Miznon fame) wouldn’t mind a bit of that vibe coming over to this enormous spot on Old Street roundabout. Given its location on London’s most cursed and circular bit of purgatory, this cavernous bar and restaurant is pretty chill. Yes, the occasional tambourine comes out alongside a complimentary round of shots and some diners look around the chic industrial space as if they’re being involved in a music stick-up. But, by and large, this is a straightforward restaurant serving satisfying focaccia, tender short rib, and bits to share that everyone will happily eat.

Lilienblum review image

photo credit: Yuki Sugiura