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Miznon is a restaurant with personality. For starters, its menu reads like the top shelf of a newsagent. Customers are ‘creatures’, a cottage pie is like ‘heaven’, and tomatoes are notably ‘naked’. It’s also printed in Comic Sans which feels like both a conscious choice as well as an amusing accident. But off paper the much-heralded Israeli pitta restaurant is dynamic in different ways. It slots into its buzzy Soho location seamlessly, doling out caramelised charred cauliflower and jammed pittas to groupies at the counter who are familiar with Miznon’s dishes from its locations in Tel-Aviv, Paris, Melbourne, or wherever else. There are bigger tables and banquettes behind said counter, best used to enjoy the smuttier parts of the menu. Sac de coq, tomato ovaries, and the like. Given it’s an international mini-chain, there was fear that Miznon would feel like a number. But it isn’t that. It’s characterful, it’s confident... it’s cool.

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