The London Restaurants That Are Delivering BBQ Supplies guide image


The London Restaurants That Are Delivering BBQ Supplies

Why settle for a sad pack of sausages when you could be grilling excellent meat from one of these great London restaurants?

At some point many, many years ago, a caveman cooked some meat over an open flame, thought ‘damn I look pretty sexy right now’, and the barbecue was born. Fast forward to 2020 and, thanks to the pandemic, many of London’s best meat-focused restaurants have started delivering BBQ supplies and excellent cuts of meat. We’re talking venison patties, beef rib racks, sirloin steak, sausages, brioche buns, and homemade barbecue sauce. Meat sweats, initiated.

The Spots

Mac And Wild

Impulsive lockdown purchase #38: A giant grilling machine that you’ve nicknamed Hank The Firebender. Well, it’s time for Hank to meet Mac and Wild’s mixed BBQ boxes. This Scottish spot really knows their meat and they’re delivering curated packs from their butcher that includes ribeye steak, beef burgers, lamb chops, and pork sausages. You can pick between a small box, large box, or alternatively a family meat box that comes with venison, haggis, and more.

Short of being called The Best Meat In Town, we can’t think of a more aptly named restaurant to order BBQ supplies from than Quality Chop House. As you could probably guess, this classic Clerkenwell restaurant is delivering pork chops, but you can also go for Yorkshire beef bone-in ribeye, sausages, beef flat-iron cuts, and Angus Dexter burger patties. Plus, they’re also delivering their beef bavette which is one of our favourite options at this excellent, old school British spot.

Do we have a BBQ playlist? That’s between us, our ever resentful neighbours, and the sudden spike in The Prodigy’s Firestarter Spotify listens in North London. We suggest you make one too. We also suggest that you get involved in Smokestak’s delivery options which includes everything from a vac-pac 30-day dry-aged beef rib rack to their in-house barbecue sauce. Heads up, they only make deliveries on Fridays.

So you singed all the hair off of your lower arm. It’s fine. Just claim you’re one of those hairless professional swimmers, smile, and enjoy fresh Galician Blond rib-eye from Basque grill, Lurra. That’s right, Galician Blond rib-eye. When it comes to steak, sirloin, fillet, and fresh burgers, this place is not messing around. You can either pick your own cuts or go for their BBQ selection box that comes with extras like brioche buns, tomatoes, and chimichurri sauce.

You’re over burgers. Been there, done that, got ketchup down the t-shirt. When you’re looking to change things up, go for the family sharing box from Middle Eastern grill specialists, Berber and Q. There’s lemon and saffron marinated chicken. There’s merguez sausage. There’s shawarma. And yes, there’s several of their house pale ales too. Barbecue, sorted.

Cue Point

Ten seconds in front of a lit BBQ and your partner thinks they could take on Mike Tyson with their pinky. And that’s when they’re grilling an 8-pack of Asda own sausages so imagine the buzz they’ll get cooking Cue Point’s lamb chops and smoked brisket. This Afghan barbeque spot’s meal kit menu includes smoked lamb with Afghan chutney, brisket buns with jalapeno jam, beef rib nacos (or naan tacos), potato salad, and pit roasted sweet potatoes. Not only are they delivering nationwide but all of their meat is halal too.

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The London Restaurants That Are Delivering BBQ Supplies guide image