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Spanish in Marylebone

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Imagine a restaurant that’s as pretty and graceful as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and serves food that hits you like a roundhouse kick delivered by Jason Statham. Welcome to Lurra, a Spanish Basque restaurant in Marylebone. And your dream threesome.

There are a lot of things to like about Lurra. For one, it’s a beautifully designed place - the space is elegant and calming, like a Scandinavian interior designer’s wet dream or what you imagine being rich and living in Los Angeles might be like. You’ll be happy here.

But the main reason you’re at Lurra is for serious meat. The Jason Statham of this situation.

Enter the 14 year Rubia Gallega “Galician Blond” Steak - a £65, 800g hunk of meat that’ll make your jaw drop as soon as it hits the table. These cows come from Northern Spain and are slaughtered at 14-years-old, apparently the age that results in just the ‘right amount of fat’. We had just the right amount of fat when we were 14, too. So it just makes sense.

If you’d rather not think too much about slaughtering, there’s a whole turbot on the menu, along with a list of crowd-pleasing executions of tapas staples: Padrón peppers, Jamón Ibérico, stuffed olives, squid, prawns, and potatoes. That said, we highly recommend you go in on the beef. Jason Statham is always the big time draw.

No offense, Rosie.

Food Rundown

Jamón Ibérico

Served on a large wooden chopping board. We suggest starting off your evening/rest of your life with this and an excellent glass of wine.

Padrón Peppers with Sea Salt

You’re definitely gonna get one that burns your mouth. But you’re hard enough to handle it.

Grilled Octopus with Piquillo Sauce

Smoky from its short relationship with the grill, this is another great dish to start your meal with.

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14 Year Rubia Gallega “Galician Blond” Steak for Two

The reason you’re here.

Lurra review image

Whole Grilled Turbot

Your fish will be introduced to you at the table. You’ll learn its first name, life story, and just when you’re about to add it to your Christmas card list, it’ll be thrown on the grill and cooked to perfection. Light, flaky, and… what was its name again?

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