Big Groups

Big Groups
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Oak Pizzeria Napoletana review image


Oak Pizzeria Napoletana

Oak Pizzeria Napoletana only accepts walk-ins but works great for a group dinner.

The Half Moon review image


The Half Moon

If you’re looking for a backyard where you can eat pizza and drink wine, head to The Half Moon on Front Street in Hudson.

Hickory BBQ & Smokehouse review image


Hickory BBQ & Smokehouse

Hickory BBQ & Smokehouse is where you should inhale St. Louis-style spare ribs and hush puppies with maple butter at a picnic table.

Tinker Taco Lab review image


Tinker Taco Lab

Tinker Taco Lab is where you should drink a margarita next to a stream in Woodstock.

Terrapin Restaurant, Bistro & Bar review image


Terrapin Restaurant, Bistro & Bar

Terrapin Restaurant, Bistro & Bar is located in an old church in Rhinebeck and works great for a big group dinner.

Cinnamon review image



Cinnamon is an Indian spot in Rhinebeck that's great for big groups.

Backbar review image



Backbar is a cocktail bar in Hudson that also serves great Malaysian small plates.