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Chanize Thorpe is a veteran lifestyle writer and editor. She's lived in the Hudson Valley for over 20 years and finds something new every time she takes a drive. Chanize is a proud mother of two daughters and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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Culture Cream review image

HV Review

Culture Cream

Culture Cream serves live probiotic ice creams and sorbets made with kombucha and kefir.

Verdigris Tea & Chocolate review image

HV Review

Verdigris Tea & Chocolate

Verdigris Tea & Chocolate in Hudson is a great spot to have a cup of tea, glass of hot chocolate, or buy some tea-time essentials.

Grazin' review image

HV Review


Grazin' is a good, casual option for lunch or weekend brunch in Hudson.

Savona's Trattoria review image

HV Review

Savona's Trattoria

Savona's Trattoria has multiple locations in the Hudson Valley, but we like the Hudson location for the outdoor patio.

Stissing House review image

HV Review

Stissing House

Eat a slice of coconut cake at Stissing House, a beautiful restaurant in Pine Plains that's perfect for a special occasion.

Gigi Hudson Valley review image

HV Review

Gigi Hudson Valley

Gigi Hudson Valley is a Mediterranean spot in Rhinebeck that showcases locally-produced items.

Cold Spring Depot review image

HV Review

Cold Spring Depot

Cold Spring Depot is where you should go if you want to eat a great burger in a place that feels like a different century.