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Krista grew up in Pre-Portlandia Portland and recently moved back after a really long stint in NYC. She sometimes misses pizza and bagels, but admits Portland has some pretty good renditions.

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Eem review image

PDX Review


Eem is one of Portland’s coolest restaurants and is worth the inevitable wait for a menu full of interesting hybrid dishes and “vacation drinks.”

Langbaan review image

PDX Review


Langbaan in Kerns uses local ingredients in traditional Thai dishes and looks kind of like an adult (and indoor) treehouse.

OK Omens review image

PDX Review

OK Omens

Ok Omens, a small wine bar in the Hawthorne District, is one of the best places for a interesting natural wines and Asian-inspired small plates.

Nimblefish review image

PDX Review


Sit at the sushi bar at Nimblefish, a high-end sushi spot in the Hawthorne District.

Canard review image

PDX Review


For one of the best brunches in Portland, head to Canard on East Burnside for food that’s a mix of French and what you crave after a few drinks.

Casa Zoraya review image

PDX Review

Casa Zoraya

When you’re trying not to spend a crazy amount but still want amazing food, share a bunch of plates at Casa Zoraya, a Peruvian spot in Piedmont.

Paley’s Place review image

PDX Review

Paley’s Place

Paley’s Place in Northwest has been doing obsessing about local produce for over two decades - come for a more casual dinner or a low-key celebration.