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The Winchester

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Low-key. That’s how we like to live life. No worries and as little stress as possible. And that’s generally the kind of environment we get at The Winchester, a minimalist-designed spot in Ukrainian Village that’s open for lunch, brunch, and dinner.

The inside of the Winchester is decorated like an Urban Outfitters, but one with a friendly environment and solid food instead of sh*tty t-shirts. The obvious similarities come from the wood floors and exposed brick walls, along with a lot of sunlight. But The Winchester isn’t a sprawling corporate eyesore. Instead, it sits on the corner of Winchester Ave. and Augusta Blvd. in a heavy residential area, which helps give it a very comfortable feel.

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The food is American with a focus on fresh, local produce and meats. That means a lot of vegetables, pretty plating, and some basic items like a burger in case you need it. Weekend brunch is by far the most popular time to eat here, and it’s also our favorite time to go. Everything from the fresh-made oatmeal to a root vegetable hash are good - and don't miss out on their excellent waffles. It’s always crowded, giving it a lively feel (but never to an annoying point).

Its great brunch is part of the reason we forget The Winchester is also open for dinner all week - and based on the lack of crowds at that time, it's a safe bet to say other people forget it too. But the same great, low-key atmosphere is there, and it’s a good spot for a casual dinner date or catching up with a few friends.

If you live nearby, The Winchester should be in your casual meal rotation. And if you don't, put it on your brunch hit list. Your real responsibilities can wait.

Food Rundown


This oatmeal is straight delicious. It's amaranth grains, quinoa, chia, cream, brown sugar, and cherries. We could eat this stuff every morning.

Avocado Toast

Fancy avovado toast with spiced hazelnut, red chili, mint, and the option of a fried egg on top. Solid start to any day.

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Root Vegetable Hash

A hash with smoked trout, golden beets, fennel, pea shoots, and topped with an egg. It's not a massive and heavy hash that will put you out of commission, which is what we like about it.

Croque Winchester

Not for the faint of heart. Basically a croque madame but on steroids. A waffle sandwich with dry cured ham, sunny-side up egg, maple mustard, and potatoes. There's a lot going on. It's intense, but it's good.

Liege Waffle

A really simple but great waffle topped with blueberries and cream. Not quite big enough to make an entire meal, but pair it with something else small and you'll be happy.

Blistered Shishito Peppers

Sprinkled with a little sea salt and sherry aioli. A good started or side dish for dinner.


Served with artichokes and a bit of white anchovy on top, which are actually the most empowering part of the dish. Not a bad thing, just a thing.

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Werp Farm Lettuches

A basic but good salad. Lettuce with smoked vinaigrette, feta, and toasted pumpkin seeds. The pumpkin seeds add a nice touch.


A giant ravioli with ramp, ricotta, egg yolk, brown butter, and parmesan cheese. Sounds better than it is. Not bad, but the pieces don't quite come together. Try the other pastas instead.


Never a bad choice.

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Rushing Waters Whole Trout

If you want a large entree, we suggest this fish. It comes with fennel, capers, brown butter, and parsley, and is particularly delicate and good.

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