The Duck Inn

On the corner of Eleanor and Loomis just off the Chicago River, the first thing you’ll notice about The Duck Inn is it’s a pretty good sized cocktail lounge with a big bar. You can hang out over some drinks, or dabble in snacks like fried cheese curds with bloody mary ketchup, duck and foie tamale, and a duck fat dog. And we wouldn’t judge if that was the extent of your trip, but you’d be missing out by not hitting up the smaller main dining room in back.

The more proper dining area is set through double doors, with wood furnishings and exposed brick walls, one of which contains a large duck mural. Despite the size, it’s a lively and loud room filled with a crowd who is clearly there to dine. The menu is a bit limited, so don’t expect endless pages of options, but the things they do, they do well. It’s all highlighted by a rotisserie duck for two, which is fantastic. The meat isn’t too fatty, and served with seasonal sides, like potatoes and a winter citrus salad. As if all of that isn’t good enough, The Duck Inn has an awesome f*cking patio out back.

Food Rundown

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Duck Egg Salad

Count us in any time there’s a salad with an egg yolk to pop over the top.

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Spot Prawns

Prawns over a base of risotto with uni butter, eucalyptus, and sea beans. Like al dente pasta, there’s a fine line between proper and bad risotto, and we think it’s one of those things restaurants often mess up. This is one of the better versions we’ve had.

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Chanterelle Mushrooms and Polenta

This entree is alright, but it’s interesting more than anything else. The mushrooms are good, and the polenta is nice and creamy. As you can see, there’s popcorn in this dish, and overall it’s got a unique touch.

Black Truffle Bone-in Shortrib

A tender piece of short rib with whipped potatoes, melted leeks, and an interesting but not too sweet pomegranate sauce.

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Rotisserie Duck For 2

Beautifully plated duck on a wood carving board. It’s served with a good mix of breast, leg, and thigh meat. Alongside a bit of greens, potatoes, and tangerine sauce, it’s a complete meal ideal for two, or a good piece to share with more.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Dessert is the only thing we could skip without worry. As the more than once self proclaimed king of all things bread pudding, this dessert was fine, but it left us grasping for a bit more.

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