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Smoque BBQ


Smoque cooks up some delicious barbecued meats that pay homage to a variety of styles. You know how we know Smoque takes their craft seriously? Because they have a whole section on their website that meticulously explains their philosophy. Well, that, and the BBQ here is delicious.

On top of the tender meat and incredible sauces, Smoque is pretty affordable as far as BBQ goes. Sandwiches start around $7 bucks, platters with slaw and two sides for no more than $21, and a whole slab of ribs with all the fixins for $32. If that’s not enough food, you can add a tasting portion of any meat to an entree for only a couple dollars extra. No need to worry about running up your bill on booze either, because this place is BYOB.

Smoque keeps it simple. After you place an order at the counter, you’ll pick up your food on some butcher paper and a metal tray, which you’ll place down on a wood table. If it’s crowded, which can be the case on weekends, Smoque does a good job of directing people to available seats, so don’t be turned off by a line. Our only complaint is the lack of collard greens as a side option, but it’s a minor transgression. That being said, Smoque, if you’re out there, please add collard greens to the menu.

Food Rundown


With a Memphis-style dry rub, the ribs are smoked over oak and sweet applewood. You have your choice of baby back, St. Louis style, or a combo of both. This is our favorite item on the menu, and a little rib combo never hurt anyone.

Smoque BBQ review image

Cole Slaw

Fresh, tangy, and crunchy. It’s not that creamy sht you know sat in a tub for days. Good for adding to any sandwich or just mixing with the meats in general.

Macaroni and Cheese

We’ve never met a macaroni and cheese we didn’t like, and this is no exception. It’s creamy and cheesy with some breadcrumbs baked on top, plus it’s not an overwhelming amount, which is true of all the sides here.


You can’t really have BBQ without brisket. Hopefully you’re with someone who is willing to share all of these meats.

Smoque BBQ review image

Pulled Pork

Tender, flavorful, meaty, and loving. Yes, we felt loved by some pulled meat. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the variety of sauces at your disposal.

Smoque BBQ review image

Texas Sausage

Smoked hot links with just the right amount of heat. These hot links are as Texas as it gets, so do whatTim Riggins would do and try them.

Smoque BBQ review image

Mini Peach Cobbler

Did you say cobbler? Good crust, fresh fruit, and just enough to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Smoque BBQ review image

A Lot Of BBQ For Your Viewing Pleasure

Smoque BBQ review image

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