Hopleaf is an Andersonville bar with an exceptional beer selection and a food menu that goes above and beyond. The mussels and CB&J (grilled cheese with cashew butter and fig jam) are incredible, dishes like the brisket reuben and steak frites a close second, and if you live in the area, Hopleaf should be your go-to for a casual bite and a beer.

Hopleaf is broken down into a bar area in the front, a restaurant in the back, and a fantastic beer garden on their back patio. The has some small tables for you to drink and eat, but it won’t be the same kind of service as the rear. If you’re looking for a more sit down meal feel, head to the dining room. If drinks are what you’re more interested in, the bar is for you. And, if you just don’t care, we suggest going with the first available spot, because that may be your best bet either way. We also encourage getting lost in the beer booklet and trying a cold one you’ve never had.

Food Rundown

House Made Potato Chips

So simple. So basic. So much better than anything out of a bag.

Grilled Heart Of Palm Salad

Not your everyday bar food item. Grilled hearts of palm with shaved asparagus, toasted almonds, orange supremes, red endive, and herb vinaigrette. A really interesting combo with unfamiliar but great tastes.

Stilton Mac & Cheese

We like our mac and cheese as mac’y and cheesy as possible. A little more cheese here wouldn’t have hurt.

Broken Arrow Ranch Lamb Meatballs

Lamb meatballs with creamed farik – which is kind of like wheat bulgur but not exactly – minted pea yogurt, and cucumber relish. The meatballs are very distinctly lamb, and very distinctly good.


The signature is a Belgian-style sauce steamed in a white ale with sliced shallots, celery, thyme, and bayleaf. There is also a second sauce option, which varies with the season. Available in two sizes, it’s coming with fries and aioli either way. These aren’t the best mussels you’ll ever have, but better than average bar food. A heaping portion of french fries with a large cup of aioli will keep you occupied too, and fancy garlic mayo gets us every time.

CB&J (Cashew Butter & Jam)

We never thought a variation on peanut butter and jelly could be so good. This house made cashew butter and fig jam version with a little raclette cheese is pan fried on sourdough. Takes PB&J’s to some next level sht.

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