Fancy clothes. Expensive purses. Small dogs. Small dogs in their own fancy clothes riding in expensive purses. These are the types of things one might associate with the Gold Coast, and Viagra Triangle in particular. There are also a few restaurants that immediately come to mind, and Luxbar is surely one of them.

If you love shopping at Barneys and discussing but not actually eating cupcakes from the Sprinkles ATM, then you probably also love Luxbar. If you stay away from Viagra Triangle at all costs, then Luxbar probably isn't your thing. Our opinion? Both viewpoints are acceptable, and it depends whether you're capable of or in the mood to handle the scene.

This isn't exactly destination dining. Think of it more like reality television opposed to a must watch series - sometimes it's convenient and you get sucked in. Nothing will blow your socks off, but there’s a consistency of basic items that are good enough to keep you entertained. We like to keep things simple with salads, sliders, or sandwiches with truffle fries, but the steaks are allegedly the same as Gibson’s across the street, so feel free to order one.

Surprisingly, a meal here can also be relatively inexpensive. Aside from a few pricier entrees like the steaks or whole fish, items are very reasonably priced. But who are we kidding, if you're worried about the extra $15 you may or may not spend on a meal, then Luxbar probably isn't the place for you.

At the end of the day, Luxbar is a See and Be Seen kind of spot that will always have a lively atmosphere and well put together crowd. Come for lunch, dinner, or brunch and bloody mary’s, because Luxbar can be utilized all the time. And when it’s nice outside, post up on the patio with your oversized sunglasses on and observe the absurdity that can be found in this part of town.

Don't forget to feed your dog either way, especially if your Pomeranian is brunching with you from inside of a purse.

Food Rundown

Truffle Fries

Shoestring style fries with truffle, fresh grated parmesan, and garlic aioli. We're in.

Sesame Seared Yellowfin Tuna

Quality raw tuna, which is all that matters when making this dish. It's nice and light.

Filet Mignon Sliders

For about $15 you get 3 mini filet sliders. Basic, which sticks to the general theme here. This is a go to of ours.

Apple BBQ Fried Chicken Sandwich

It's topped with nueske bacon, cheddar cheese, and apple coleslaw. A giant piece of chicken and a serious sandwich. Not the best fried chicken around, but a gluttonous sandwich if you're looking for something like it.

Tuna Nicoise Salad

You already know we are into the seared tuna appetizer here, so make a meal out of it and get it over a salad.

NY Strip Steak

We wouldn't ever go to Luxbar determined to get a steak, but if you're a big meat eater and in the mood, then it's not a bad idea. This version is topped with a red wine reduction sauce and comes with fries.


The brunch is decent, but the people watching is top notch. Snag a seat outside and watch all the foot traffic if you really want a show.

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