Longman & Eagle

Perfect For: Action at the Bar Brunch Eating At The Bar Guys Night Impressing Out of Towners

Longman & Eagle

Perfect For: Action at the Bar Brunch Eating At The Bar Guys Night Impressing Out of Towners

When Longman and Eagle opened in 2010, Logan Square wasn’t exactly home to the hot restaurant scene it is today. Longman wasn’t the first to the neighborhood party, but it did help set the stage for the recent explosion Logan Square has seen. Five years and five Michelin Stars later, it’s still chugging along to its own whisky laden beat.

The reason we, and probably you, continue to love Longman and Eagle has a lot to do with them sticking to their “Eat Sleep Whisky” mantra, and continuing to do so at affordable price points. In case you’re wondering, L&E also doubles up as an actual inn, so you can rent a room upstairs if you’re a visitor in town, or a local who likes to indulge in excess booze.

While the food doesn’t always blow us away, it’s always good, with certain dishes often teetering the borderline of great. The chefs aren’t afraid to take risks with the menu either, which means there will always be new and exciting items to try. Few restaurants offer a usually consistent menu spanning the spectrum from Sloppy Joe to tete de cochon with smoked mussels, not to mention the Chronic Brunch offerings in-between. Considering that Longman and Eagle does it all in the confines of a neighborhood tavern-like space, it’s easy to see why L&E is the type of place people like to hang. Three dollar whisky shots and a pop-up donut shop on the weekends in their Off Site Bar out back helps too.

While this type of restaurant may be commonplace now, the timing and concept of L&E’s arrival to Logan Square was far from a guaranteed success. But good food and great fun will bring people back all the time, even if there’s a no reservations policy and consistent wait.

Longman and Eagle may have once been a long-shot idea, but at this point there’s no reason not to expect success for years to come.

Food Rundown

Whole Hog Crepinette

A crepinette is a small and flattened sausage, and this version is made with all the parts of a pig. Served with some cheese grits and collards, you’ll know why this is a brunch time favorite once you add a fried egg.

Fried Chicken & Wafles

Fried chicken and waffles complete with a side of sweet potato and pork belly hash. Don’t be shy with the maple syrup.

House Marinated Olives

Do you like olives? Good. Snack on these.

Hand Rolled Truffle Potato Gnocchi

This dish did not go over well with us. The menu isn’t clear about the fact L&E goes heavy on the truffle and only gives you about six pieces of gnocchi. The giant white plate dwarfs the miniature basin of actual food. It tastes fine, but overall it is kind of laughable and not the type of dish we want here.

Slagel Family Farms Burger

One of the few menu staples, and a quality one at that. Nothing wrong with going to Longman and Eagle strictly for this great burger and some whisky or beer.

Seared Berkshire Pork Tenderloin

This tenderloin is served with a little bit of foie gras and stewed pork shank over cannellini beans in a pumpkin puree and serrano chiles on top. The tenderloin itself is good, but the cannellini base is fantastic.

Wild Boar Sloppy Joe's

See burger explanation above. Same principles apply.

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