Cho Sun OK

We once rolled up to Cho Sun OK on a Sunday night around 8 pm and there was a line out the d*mn door. You know why? Because this classic Korean BBQ spot is great, everyone knows it, and it's BYOB.

You’ll be hit with wonderful smells of sizzling meat before you make it in the door. Once inside, you'll notice that it’s small, and seems to be filled with a lot of regulars which adds to this place's charm. Bring a lot of friends, and order the bulgogi, galbi, seafood pancake, and anything else that looks good. Oh, and of course plenty of booze.

Food Rundown

Gun Mandu

Dumplings can’t be bad. It’s science. They are usually best when given a little pan fry.

Mul Mandu

If you're more of a steamed dumpling person, get these. They're just like the ones above, but instead have a soft, light wrapper with a pleasant chew.

HaeMul PaJeon

A Korean staple, this pancake is made with eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, green onions, and seafood. We're big fans, especially when it's dipped in the tangy, soy dipping sauce that comes on the side.


Thin slices of beef marinated in a house specialty sauce. It comes out raw and you cook it over charcoal at your table. This is the way to go if your’e looking to keep things simple.


Sweet and savory, these fatty short ribs are a must-order.


Our favorite seafood entrée. Thinly sliced octopus that’s cooked in a stone pan at your table. Try not to overcook the octopus - it’s really easy to do. There are also some noodles to mix it with.


Sweet potato noodles that come with bits of beef and vegetables. A good non-meat dish to try, even though there’s technically meat involved.


There’s nothing wrong with the bibimbap, but we wouldn’t order it here. Stick to the more communal meats and seafood that you cook at your table.

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